JSONtoXML for Mac Get it May 2017
JSONtoXML is application to convert huge JSON files to XML format.

Poke-Math for iOS Get it April 2017
Game designed for kids who are 4 to 7 years old. Your kid is going to practice adding and subtracting in this game. There are hundreds of exercises to calculate. Each level is rewarded with a cute picture.

Database Query Tester for Mac Get it March 2016
This app makes it easy to run many concurrent SQL queries against a database and measure the performance of a specific database configuration.

XMLtoJSON for Mac Get it August 2016
XMLtoJSON is application to convert huge XML files to JSON format.

SpyLab for Mac Get it March 2016
SpyLab presents a new perspective on quick and easy extraction of contact information from any resource.

Vendavo Profit Analyzer Get it December 2015
Vendavo Profit Analyzer is in-memory analytics tool to identify profit trends and opportunities for improvement. I worked as Software Engineer on backend for this product.

SvgLab for Mac Get it December 2015
SvgLab is app to preview, edit and export SVG images to PNG, JPEG, TIFF and PDF formats. SvgLab supports mass exports.

JavaPoint for Mac Get it November 2015
Java presentation tool, which allows instant execution of Java code and mix it with presentation slides written in HTML.

GroovyPoint for Mac Get it September 2015
Groovy presentation tool, which allows instant execution of Groovy code.

TextLab for Mac Get it August 2015
Mac utility app for JSON, XML, SQL and many other formats. When you insert a text then the application identifies the text and suggests what operation can be performed, like formatting, validation, clean up, etc.

Vaadin on Grails - Book Get it May 2014
Book about integration of Grails 2.x and Vaadin 7.

TellGif for sharing animated gifs Get it January 2014
TellGif is web page to share funny gifs, irony, anger or happiness via GIFs with a custom messages.

Vendavo Profit Advisor Discontinued December 2013
Automated price-optimization solution that allows users to upload data from their CRM or ERP systems and see areas where they are not optimizing on price, as well as what actions they should take to improve margins. I was working on backend for this product.

FailTracker Discontinued September 2013 - September 2014
Helps to catch, track and resolve failures in your apps and fix defects before customers complain.

Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Suite Get it May 2013 - May 2014
I was working as Software Engineer enhancing and stabilizing the platform.

Vaadin 7 Cookbook Get it April 2013
The Vaadin 7 Cookbook starts with the creation of a project in various tools and languages then moves to components, layouting, events, data binding, and custom widgets. The quality and stability of the application, testing the Vaadin code, and the data management of Vaadin is also explained in detail. This book is focused on learning and understanding how to work with Vaadin as well as trying out Vaadin with other technologies such as Grails.

Floorball score board Get it January 2012
Score board for Floorball which you can run on your computer.

Vaadin on Grails - Plugin Get it January 2011
Grails 1.x and 2.x plugin integrating Vaadin 6 & 7 into the Grails project.

Java User Group Ostrava See more November 2010
Community of people who are interested in Java related technologies.

Limatte Discontinued October 2009 - May 2012
System Limatte enables to start on-line communication with a customer in the moment of leaving the web. Limatte is based on technology "the Voice of the Customer" and provides our clients with highly relevant and appropriate data about reasons of behavior, opinion on concrete products or services and also about customers' preferences and needs.

Portal for IT companies Discontinued April 2006 - June 2007
Project led by Technical University Ostrava and U&Sluno company. We have developed a portal for cluster of IT companies to connect business with colleges and students.